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Cupcakes – Create Multiple Flavors, Cupcake Cakes, and More!

Cupcakes. Something that we all love to eat. And, the one thing that is great about cupcakes is the fact that you can create multiple flavors, cupcakes, cakes, and more. The only problem that many have is how long it can take to make a cupcake. With this guide, we are introducing something that you […]

Cake Decorating Videos at Your Fingertips

Cake decorating videos are available online, to view, at your convenience. Check out this iTunes-like directory of cake decorating videos and lessons for beginners as well as experienced chefs at the Baking and Cake Art Academy. Have you ever eyed the fancy desserts at a restaurant or a bakery and wondered, in awe, “How’d they […]

Watch Fun and Fantastic Cake Baking

Change things up a little or pick up a brand new career. Learning cake baking has become simpler than ever. No more classes to attend or waiting around for that specific episode on cake baking. You can now view lessons online from the comfort of your home. Have you ever desired to find out how […]

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